Who’s Going

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Student First Name Student Last Name Plan-It Interactive Waiver INCOMPLETE Memory Wall Collage Received
Claire Abele YES X
Ethan Aboumrad YES X
Julio Acevedo Yes
Nicole Adams YES X
Jeremy Adams YES
Collin Alire
Emily Allendorf YES X
Julian Alvarado YES
Avalon Amaral X
Alyssa Anderson X
Daniel Andrade YES
Jose Ariaza YES
Kavan Bagatelos YES X
Abigail Bell YES X
Haley Bell YES
Haley Bell YES
Matthew Benavidez YES X
Reed Berg YES X
Kaelee Bettencourt YES
Kaitlyn Biehl YES X
Natalie Bills YES
Wade Bitzer YES X
Jessica Blau YES
Joy Blea YES X
Shannon Blockley YES X
Niamh Bogie YES
Erica Bowers YES
Morgan Braudrick YES X
Cody Bray YES X
Carlee Breazeale YES
Ethan Brice YES
Dominic Bricker YES X
Nick Brown YES X
Alejandro Buenrostro YES
Jordan Buranis YES X
Julia Cable
Jason Campbell YES X
Raymond Carlson YES X
Kayla Carlucci YES X
Mary Carmona YES X
Aaron Castro YES X
Devon Caufield YES
Mila Chaffin NEED TO SIGN
Armando Chavarria YES
Julian Chavira
Emily Chong YES X
Tristan Clark X
Alexis Clewett YES
Andrew Clutter YES X
Bo Cole YES
Tara Collier
Alan Conrad YES X
Angela Contreras YES
Randi Cortez YES
Trey Cortez YES
Sarah Coulson YES
Carter Creamer YES X
Kaila Crevelt YES X
Priscilla Cruz YES
Katrina Curbelo YES X
Austin Curtis YES X
Paris Cusimano YES
Amanda Czapkay YES X
Chrstine Danforth YES
Olivia Davidson YES
Jillian Davis YES
Dante De Mayo YES
Matteo DeFina X
Katherine Diaz YES
Blake Downey YES X
Jacob Dremalas YES
Alexis Duenas YES X
Ben Dupuis YES X
Jaren Eijansantos X
Brendan Elliott YES X
Trey Emmett YES
Dillon Eng YES X
Aaron Eppstein YES X
Lunaely Espinoza YES
Emily Faulkner YES X
Kimberlee Faulkner YES X
Valerie Felismino YES
Keilan Field
Megan Figlenski YES
Jack Fogerson YES X
Troy Forward YES X
Cameron Frei-Allen X
Alysas Freitas YES
Jason Frost YES X
Omar Garcia
Kailie Gefen Vlassopoulos YES
Dana Gelo
Sienna Gibbs Yes
Jennifer Gibson
Kevin Ginn YES X
Connor Glasco YES X
Elijah Gonzalez YES
Ashley Graham YES X
Katie Groth YES
Segiv Guelfand YES
Alexia Gunn YES X
Juan Gutierrez-Ayala YES
Jenna Hagan YES X
Annalise Hagen
Elise Halsch YES
Trevor Hamilton YES X
Luis Handal X
Jessica Hanscom YES X
Alex Hansen YES
Cammi Harwood YES
Bri Haskins YES
Alex Hattori YES X
Ethan Hawkins YES
Emma Hayes YES X
Riley Heffron YES
Zachary Heinz YES X
Carli Henderson YES
Michael Henry YES X
Salvador Heredia YES
Robbie Hoff
Luke Hottinger YES
Olivia Humphreys X
Jordann Huppert YES X
Ariel Ibarra YES
Braden Jackson YES X
Madison Jackson YES X
Maya Jappert X
Samuel Jeppson YES
Lesley Jimenez YES
Christian Johansson
Emily Johnson
Victoria Jones YES
Brandon Julku YES
Holly Julson YES
Carissa Kamm YES
Chelsea Keele YES X
Adam Kennedy
Simrah Khan YES
Allison Kifer YES X
Kylie Kilbane YES X
Samuel Knuth YES
Jordan Koch YES
Drew Kujacich YES
Gabrielle Lacey YES
Phillip Lara-Murillo
Hannah Larsen YES
Miles Larson
Claire Leever YES
Anna Leigh YES X
Thomas Leon
Joseph Lestochi YES X
Samuel Licon YES X
Marie Linney YES X
Chris Machi YES X
Shelby Maloney YES
CJ Malski YES X
Kayden Mansfield YES
Colette Mardirossian YES X
Joshua Marty YES
Anya Massoud YES X
Morgan Mayhew YES X
Nicolette McConn YES X
Brittney McDonald YES
Kailey McFadden YES X
Connor McGlothin YES X
Daniel McGreer YES
Austin McMillan YES X
Tyler Meadows YES X
Angelina Medeiros YES X
Fernando Medina YES
Monica Meier YES X
Jordan Mello YES X
Alexandra Merrell YES X
Shannon Meyer YES
Shivani Mistry YES
Charlie Mitchell YES
Stephen Mohler YES X
Will Mohler YES X
Guadalupe Molina-Marquez YES X
Mitchell Moore YES
Estefany Mora YES
Trevor Moreau YES X
Earl Moseby YES X
Sophia Moufarrej
Kayla Mould
Angelina Mouser YES
Joshua Murray YES X
Jessica Murray YES
Ryan Myers YES X
Adele Myers YES X
Cameron Nagy YES X
Isabella Neads YES X
Catherine Ng X
Cathy Nievia
Veronica Nims YES X
Katie Nowlan YES X
Ryan Nunes YES X
Madison O'Brien YES X
Ravi O'Brien YES X
Dylan Olofson
Brandon Orrett YES X
Adam Padilla YES X
Tahlia Padilla YES
Jordan Parker YES
Kyle Parsons YES X
Sarah Passannante X
Blake Patchen YES X
Ajay Patel Yes X
Vishang Patel
Zachary Patterson YES
Rachel Pelote YES
Jessica Perez-Maldanado YES
Julia Persaud YES X
Emily Person X
Justin Pettis YES
Max Pinedo-Henrich YES X
Vivienne Pinedo-Henrich YES X
Alexa Piscanio YES
Scott Plantenga YES X
Marissa Pletschette YES
Tyler Pokorny YES X
Andrew Preece YES
Will Pretto YES
Cameron Priest YES
Michael Puso YES X
Kathryn Rademann YES X
Cayden Ramirez
Adolfo Ramirez-Wurts YES X
Racshelle Ramirez-Wurts YES
Brianna Ranney YES X
Vignesh Rao
Nate Redditt YES X
Garrett Region
Magnum Resler-Miller YES X
Elizabeth Richards YES X
Emily Richards YES X
Grant Riddiough YES X
Anton Robinson
Edward Robles
Nicolas Robles
Lisette Rocha YES
Ben Rocha YES X
Mayra Rodriguez YES
Joey Rose YES X
Haley Rose YES X
Lindsey Rutherford YES
Sana Sadiq
Hector Salcedo YES
Jordyn Salinas YES X
Jack Sallaberry YES X
David Sanchez Godinez YES
Benny Sanchez Jr. YES
Victor Sandoval YES
Alysyn Savino YES
Ronni Schenk YES X
Alena Schmidt
Kerry Schnitter YES X
Lauren Schultz
Ian Schuttpelz YES
Zack Scribner YES
Hallie Searcy YES X
Ethan Shang YES
Sean Slabaugh YES X
Renee Smith YES
Stevie Sobers X
Andy Soloirzano X
Anish Somisetty YES
Andrea Sommer YES X
Kirsten Sorenson YES X
Esmeralda Soto Valencia YES
Tanner Souza YES X
Kevin Spence YES X
Darrell Staley YES X
Nicole Stamps YES
Caitlin Stanley YES X
Taylor Stephenson YES X
Lauren Stuart YES X
Jenna Sunnergren YES X
Connor Swadener YES
David Tafoya YES
Antoine Tamagno YES X
George Tantzen YES
Tucker Taser YES
Karlie Teruya YES X
Nolan Thompson YES X
Emma Thorson YES X
Kathryn Tietjen
Atziry Trujillo
Kendall Van Schaack YES
Pete Vance YES X
Savannah Vasquez YES X
Benjamin Vilchis YES
Morgan Vonderach YES X
Jack Walker YES X
David Wang YES X
Emory Weingart
Russell West YES
Dalynn Wilcox
Macy Williams YES
McKenna Wilson YES X
Mikayla Winter X
Kyle Wohlgemuth YES X
Sasha Wojcik YES
Jordan Wolf YES X
Tanner Wright YES X
Jackson Wysock
Abby Youngblood YES X
Gina Zamora YES
Brittney Zaragoza YES
Jamie Zogaric YES X
Alexandra Zuanich YES X