We are keeping a running list of all seniors who have purchased a Grad Night ticket as well as whether we have received the Plan-It Interactive, and GHS Supporters activities waiver.  A third waiver, SSGN Policy, was added after the original ticket packet was sent.  You can use the search bar to easily find a student to confirm that all forms and payment have been received. 


If you see a student's name and there are any categories that are marked with "no" it means we have not received that portion of that student's grad night registration. There are a number or reasons that this can happen:


  • the online payment portion was not completed all the way through to the credit card page (If you "x"d out of that portion your payment did not go through)

  • a student may have purchased the ticket at Matador Days but a parent or guardian stills needs to complete the waivers

  • there were a few glitches with the "submit" button on the waivers for a short period of time so a few were not processed

  • There was a missing waiver and a incorrect one was completed.  The SSGN Policy Waiver and GHS Waiver look similar, make sure you are completing the correct waiver


If a student is missing payment or any of the 3 waivers you can easily complete that portion on this website by going to the "GN Tickets" page and complete them online (recommended) or download the forms and bring them to the office.  If you complete these steps online you will receive an e-mail confirmation for receipt of that item.


This list will be updated every few weeks so if you recently submitted paperwork please check back later if you do not see it here on this list.  


Open the document to see the current attendee list

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